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Wilh SteinbergLooking for a Wilh Steinberg Piano? Well, look no further. Hollywood Piano has been tapped by Wilh Steinberg to be an authorized dealer of Wilh Steinberg Pianos in Los Angeles, California. Since its establishment during the height of Germany’s piano making days, Wilh Steinberg has still managed to maintain its indisputable status.

For over 135 years, Wilh Steinberg pianos have embraced classic design and elegant angles to craft the most impressive piano that retains musical quality. Wilh Steinberg has solidified its place in history as one of the most successful piano makers by passing down the generational experience and expertise of master craftsmanship.

Wilh Steinberg’s heritage has been built on harmonizing modern day piano making techniques with traditional manufacturing, to ensure that the musical quality and sound remains and ongoing legacy.

The Legacy of Wilh Steinberg

Wilh. Steinberg pianos are said to to retain the handcrafted piano-making tradition. Combining modern technology, Wilh. Steinberg pianos have accomplished an outstanding success. Inheriting this legendary achievement has become one of the most important attributes of WILH. STEINBERG pianos.

Eisenberg has already established its own piano-making experience over 135 years, which guarantees perfect German pianos for every customer with satisfaction by its reliable performance, outstanding touch and convenient care.

Hollywood Piano is proud to announce that we are now a certified and authorized dealer of Wilh. Steinberg in Los Angeles. We provide Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and all of California for that matter, with pre-owned, new and used Wilh Steinberg Pianos. Contact us today and accent your home, showroom or commercial property with one of the finest pianos ever made.

Hollywood Piano is the only California piano store that is authorized to sell Wilh Steinberg Pianos. It is a great honor to have one of the leading piano manufacturers allow us the privilege of selling their brand and share their masterpieces with the masses. Wilh Steinberg Pianos are beautifully crafted pianos that cycle through a minimum of a dozen quality checks before even leaving the factory.

The Hollywood Piano Showroom has been the leading Online Piano Store for decades and continues to deliver quality pianos to clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. 

With numerous accolades and accomplishments along the way, our Los Angeles piano store is the go-to dealer for piano lovers throughout the United States. For residents of California, there is only one solution when it comes to finding the best Wilh Steinberg pianos, accessories and related services.

Best Piano Store Los Angeles California

For those in the market for a new or used Wilh Stieinberg piano, there aren’t that many options. When it comes to variety and a widest selection of Wilh Steinberg pianos Los Angeles, this is truly a the find of a lifetime.

 Our world-class Los Angeles Piano Store has a wide variety of Wilh Steinberg Pianos. If your piano has been neglected for more than a couple of years, the company offers a special service that involves a complete servicing with a pitch raise on the piano that can recapture its once rich sound.

If you are planning on selling your piano or if you need to get it valued for insurance purposes, Hollywood Piano offers an appraisal service. They will travel to your location and completely inspect the piano. This service also covers those who would like to purchase a piano but would like to know if any servicing is needed, or if they are getting a good value for the asking price.

Hollywood Piano specializes in the restoration of old pianos that have lost their former luster. Thousands of very special pianos have been brought back to life as the company meticulously restores them. This service includes refinishing, recondition or even complete restoration. Don’t give up on that family heirloom just yet, there may still be hope for it!

Since 1928 Hollywood Piano’s Online Piano Store has been the best source for all Wilh Steinberg piano sales, piano rentals and piano service.

Authorized Wilh Steinberg Piano Dealer(818) 954-8500

#1 Southern California Piano Store for over 80 Years

Since 1928 Hollywood Piano’s Los Angeles Piano Store has been the source for all piano sales and piano services in the area.

wilhelm steinbergOur showroom houses some of the most beautiful and elegantly handcrafted grand pianos in Southern California. Arguably, there is no single musical instrument in the world that commands the respect and carries prestige as much as the grand piano does. Some of the finest musicians in the world use grand pianos to perform and play with. While some piano fans may choose an upright piano for spaces considerations, the overwhelming majority of piano fans know you simply can’t do any better than a grand piano.

The idea of owning a grand piano is a dream many of us have, although for some, the biggest obstacle is simply finding enough room for one. If you are looking to purchase a grand piano, or even rent one, check out www.hollywoodpiano.com. The grand piano is one of the most celebrated and beloved instruments in all of music. These instruments provide a lifetime of enjoyment and pride to their owners and are often treasure family heirlooms that are never sold.

With showrooms in both Pasadena and Burbank, we are one of the only authorized dealers that is legally able to buy, sell and repair some of the most sought after brands in the industry. We are the only authorized piano dealer for most of Southern California, including Thousand Oaks, Hidden Valley, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Burbank and Pasadena. We have a wide variety of quality pianos such as Wilh Steinberg, Mason & Hamlin PianosHardmanGrotrianRitmullerBaldwin and much more.


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