Schulze Pollmann

Schulze Pollmann

Schulze Pollmann SU 118

Pianoforte Verticale

Schulze Pollmann SU 118

Action: VA-5 Original

Heads of hammers: Abel

Soundboard: Premium Spruce

Blind: Klinke

Stainless / Copper ropes: Röslau / Degen

Number Pedals: 3

Height: 118 cm

Width: 150 cm

Length: 60 cm

Available with cabinet:

Polished Black Peacock, Peacock Polished Walnut, Walnut burl Lucido, Radica Polished Mahogany, Mahogany Peacock Polished, Polished Mahogany Feather

Mobile available to order:

Polished White Peacock

The specifications are subject to change without notice





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