Piano Tuning


Very few people realize the importance of tuning their piano regularly. The entire equation of piano design is based on tension. If a piano is not tuned for a while it goes flat due to the forces of gravity.  If enough tension is released it causes the crown of the soundboard (the sound producing element) to go flat thereby reducing a piano’s ability to sing. Although it is not a problem to bring the piano back to pitch the crown on the other hand can never be regained.  This is one reason it is important to tune your upright or grand piano at least annually even if it is not played regularly. Tuning twice a year is preferable for new pianos to get the stretch out of the strings and most manufacturers suggest 4 times the first year.  This is not a requirement in a relatively stable climate like Southern California. Manufacturers General Suggestions

Finding the right piano tuning service is crucial if you want yours to sound as good as possible. Our staff here at Hollywood Piano is made up of some of the most talented piano tuners in the Los Angeles area.  Our technical staff tunes pianos all year long for major symphony orchestras and venues. They are true experts who will make your piano sound wonderful.

As you probably know, the piano is a complex instrument made up of thousands of parts. And all of them need to be working properly in order for the piano to be able to make beautiful music. This is why regular maintenance is essential if you want to have consistent tone and touch.

In general, regular tuning will restore the tension and correct the pitch of the piano. And if your piano hasn’t been tuned in years, it’s going to need what is called a “pitch raise.”  This can increase the cost of the tuning, but it’s necessary if you want to bring the piano up to the proper pitch known as A440. We can handle routine maintenance as well as more extensive work that may need to be done on the piano o action and on older pianos that may not have been maintained or tuned in years. About Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning Service at Hollywood Piano

In addition to selling high quality new and used pianos and all the other services we offer, Hollywood Piano can help with professional piano tuning with a technical staff that tunes and maintains our fleet of rental pianos used at most of our local venues. Here’s a rundown of why you should let us help you with this necessary task.

  • Our Expertise – We’ve been in business since 1928. We are the experts when it comes to making a piano play at it’s very best.
  • Our Staff – Speaking of expertise and experience, our staff is what makes Hollywood Piano such a great choice for piano tuning. The whole team has an expertise that top music professionals depend upon daily.
  • Our Guarantee – We’re not happy until you’re happy and all of our in home tunings are guaranteed 100% to be right. We take responsibility to provide an honest, vetted technician who arrives to your home on time and is professional.

Contact us and we can recommend a service schedule based on your amount of playing. Want to know more? Contact us today to find out how much it will cost to get your piano tuned and when we’ll be able to get it done for you. Call 1800- MY-PIANO, (1800-697-4266) Ext 7004.

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