Schafer & Sons VS-40E Upright



Here we have a Schafer & Sons VS-40E Upright Piano

Make: Schafer & Sons
Model: VS-40E
Finish: PE Polish Ebony
Statues: Used/Reconditioned


Schafer & Sons is more than a company – it is a family dedicated to music and fine musical instruments. The business was established by Vern Schafer in 1955 in Colton, California. The company initially produced 100 pianos, manufactured by the Currier Piano Company. In the 1960’s they joined a partnership with Kohler and Campbell Pianos. In the 1970’s they produced the “Classic” Console Piano. Many other well known piano manufacturers produced pianos from this brand. These include the Aeolian, Schimmel, Story and Clark, Kimball, Wurlitzer, and other piano manufacturing companies. In 1974, Samick Pianos forged a partnership with them. The two company’s joint venture lasted until 1989. From 1990 until 2005 Young Chang has manufactured this brand of pianos. Parts are manufactured overseas, which are gathered together and assembled in China. Today, these pianos are negotiating with several European manufacturers to produce a new line of this brand of pianos.


Schafer and Sons began as a custom line of pianos for a group of piano stores in Colton, California. Originally built in the US, this brand has changed production to Korea and (most recently) to China. Well known for making affordable pianos with beautiful finishes, this brand is a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers.

This 2003 upright used piano is perfect for small spaces or medium-sized living rooms. Finished in a durable ebony polish, this piano is also great for families with children willing to learn. Come explore this affordable upright piano today! These pianos have a rich history and a top quality piano contributed to its well known name in the piano sales industry.

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Schafer & Sons


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