Kohler & Campbell Console



Here we have a reconditioned Kohler & Campbell Console Piano

Make: Kohler & Campbell
Model: Console
Finish: Satin Oak
Statues: Used/Reconditioned


Founded in 1896 as a partnership between Charles Kohler and J. C. Campbell, in less than 20 years Kohler and Campbell became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of upright and grand pianos, player pianos and automatic reproducing actions.

Campbell was a machinist who invented several wood and iron making machines and later took up piano making.  John Campbell has been credited with pioneering many manufacturing techniques that instantly created more value for the dollar in Kohler & Campbell pianos.  This was and is the cornerstone of Kohler & Campbell pianos…the best value for the dollar.

At the age of 20, Charles Kohler embarked on a piano-making career.  Considered a genius as a factory organizer and businessman, he was the perfect complement to Campbell.

Together they built one of America’s largest piano companies.  As a testament to the quality, it is said that some of their largest customers were piano manufacturers of note that carried Kohler & Campbell pianos in their retail establishments.

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Kohler & Campbell


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